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Graphic area on front/back (large)

Approx: 10" x 5" | 50 sq. in.


Graphic area on front (small)

Approx: 2.5" x 1" | 2.5 sq. in.


Graphic area on back

Approx: 8" x 4" | 32 sq. in.


Graphic area on sleeve

Approx: 4" x 2" | 8 sq. in.


Printed Price per sq. in.: $0.30

White Vinyl Price per sq. in.: $0.27



  • Graphic application is included.
  • Garment is provided by the customer.

HTV Shirt Graphics

PriceFrom $0.60
  • Please upload your artwork file here:

    If you are uploading on multiple occasions: the NAME you set the first time you upload, is the folder "Folder Name" in the cloud server. To ensure you upload into the same folder, please type in the name exactly as you did previously. 

    Note: Artwork upload is successful when there is a green checkmark beside the file name. 

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