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If you're just starting photography or want to polish up your knowledge of photography, I now offer private lessons! All lessons are 1 on 1 hands-on instruction, with a professional model on site. Contents of lessons are based on level of course (see packages below).


Beginner Course | $35/hr

     - Thorough understanding of your camera beyond the basic functions 
     - Care for your camera
     - Framing and compositions 
     - Light manipulation (indoors, outdoors, studio)


Advanced Course | $50/hr

     - Custom course based on the type of photographer/photography
     - Booking, scheduling, competitive pricing calculations
     - Advanced lighting techniques + camera techniques before photoshop
     - Posing guide + communication with models and public audience


Photoshop Course | $20/hr                     Student MUST have Photoshop program

     - Natural skin
     - Blemish removal
     - Flyaway hair removal
     - or Custom lesson based on needs

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